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Cooling Tower Depot, Inc.® Achieves Major Milestone in 2016


Cooling Tower Depot, Inc.® Achieves Major Milestone in 2016

Cooling Tower Depot's® group of companies have achieved cumulative sales/projects in excess of $1 Billion. This achievement was made possible due to the teamwork of our outstanding and dedicated personnel who have over 500 years combined experience in industrial cooling towers. With this vast experience, Cooling Tower Depot® can complete your project regardless of application. These projects include the project shown above, one of the largest mechanical draft cooling towers in North America.

Cooling Tower Depot® would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and vendors. Without you we could not have created one of the worlds most innovative and technologically advanced cooling tower companies. We look forward to reaching our next billion in projects together!

Cooling Tower Depot is a leading cooling tower manufacturing company offering new cooling towers, major rebuilding and inspection services, and the industries only online store for new cooling towers. Please visit our online ecommerce store at www.CoolingTowerDepot.com, follow us on facebook Check out our YouTube Channel and visit us on LinkedIn